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Firestopping Products

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Our firestopping products offer an array of product solution for single family fireblocking and multi-family & commercial firestopping applications – all backed by comprehensive UL testing and experienced technical support.

Performance sealants

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Our line of sealants is developed with performance in mind. Offering long term durability and consistent quality, our extensive product solutions ensure the best sealant for even the most difficult and demanding applications.

Foam sealants

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Recognized by AAMA, UL, and ICC ES evaluated to meet ASTM standards, our full line of foam sealants and accessories offer efficient, high yield, economical solutions for air infiltration and insulating applications.

Seal•ant: noun \se-lent\; is a viscous material that once applied, changes state to become solid, and is used to prevent the penetration of air, gas, noise, dust, fire, smoke or liquid from one location through a barrier into another. We are proud to be a manufacturer of caulks & sealants as the very definition of “sealant” shows the importance and the vital role that sealants play in energy conservation, as a safeguard from air and noise pollution, the preservation of personal property, and most importantly, the protection of human health and well-being.

If you have found your way here, chances are you are part of a community that uses caulk, sealants, adhesives, firestopping products, electrical chemicals, or some other form of construction or industrial chemical compound. This is what we have devoted our lives to and we are happy to share our knowledge, insight and passion for the products we make with the people and the industries we serve.